Thursday, December 23, 2010

Water therapy helps!

I am a water drinker. 

I prefer drinking water as opposed to drinking iced tea and sodas.  Whenever I'm out for meals - I just request for water, cold water that is.

There are times that I drink so much, while there are times that I drink so little.

You see, when work gets in the way - I tend to forget to drink water!!

For the past months, I have been neglecting my water intake.  As much as I'd like to fill myself with the 8 glasses of water needed in a day - I think I only take half of it.

But last night during a Christmas party at my house - I was able to down a LOT of water, I mean a LOT because I kept on going to the bathroom!  Very good right?

I think so too!!

So when this morning - I tried to stretch my legs - GONE were the cramping pains that I felt!!!

Problem sooooooooooolved!!

That is for the leg cramps...

As for my hands - well, I am still having a hard time clenching my first after waking up!  They still get numb and they're still very chubby......

But at least, one problem solved right?

Oh!  By the way - my baby is already almost 3lbs..  My doctor has advised me to keep my weight gain to a minimum as I am already 3 lbs overweight.


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Swelling ankles & terrible back pains

I am experiencing swelling of my ankles, carpal tunnel syndrome and terrible back pains.

Everything is a big OUCH these days..

Every morning - I dread getting out of bed because I have a hard time clenching my fists!  I feel pain whenever I try to do so - and so ease the pain, I do it ever so slowly.  Now, when I raise myself to get out of bed - by lowerback feels sore, I also do this slowly, to ease the pain.  Then, when I step on the floor, I notice that my feet don't look normal at all!!  They're a bit swelling.

Sigh.... the cons of being pregnant.....

I've been raising my feet up for the past few days, and they've been effective.  Its just that whenever my work day ends - they're huge!!  Hahahaha....


Monday, December 6, 2010

High Triglycerides & HDL Cholesterol

Last week, I was told by my OB that I needed to have bloodwork done before I went to her.  I picked last week because it was nearer to my check-up date.

So I made a home-service appointment for a very early Thursday morning blood drawing and within seconds, I was done.  My Panget also had his test done - since I was having mine.

That same afternoon, I got my results.

I was paranoid because a friend of mine told me that she was fearing gestational diabetes.  To be honest, I have been craving for sweets since I was 15 weeks.  I seem to want to eat everything sweet - cakes most especially!

When I got hold of the results - I saw that my blood sugar was normal - thank goodness right!?  But my cholesterol was off the charts - so is the triglycerides!  I was nervous!!

When I researched online - I found out that it was my good cholesterol that was off the charts, the bad one was within the normal range.  But as for the triglycerides - well, they're really high.  My mom was worried because she knows that high triglycerides is bad!

So, last Saturday - with the blood results in hand, I showed it to my OB.  She looked at them and just said 'You're okay!  The results are all normal'  This prompted me to ask her if she read the results right, I had to tell her again that my results showed high triglycerides and high cholesterol.  She just replied that a pregnant woman usually has high triglycerides - she advised me to watch my oil and fat intake, that's it!  And as for the cholesterol - she told me that it was my good cholesterol that's high - and there's nothing to worry about.

A sigh of relief!!!  Hahahaha...

The baby is positioned correctly as opposed to last month's breech postion.  My OB tells me that there's only 4% chance that the baby will switch positions, and I don't need to worry about anything.

My OB also showed me the baby's arms and lips.

To be honest, I only saw the arms.. the lips were hazy.  Hahahaha!! 

Going back to the doctor again before the vacation starts!!

Wish me luck!!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Yaya for newborns..

I know I may be to eager since my due date is still a couple of months away.

But I think, its better to have things in order before my baby comes. 

Right now, I am looking for a yaya for my March 2011 newborn.  I am starting this early because I've had friends who until two weeks after they've given birth still don't have a yaya to help them out.  I would like to be prepared in a way - and that's why, this early - I'm looking for a yaya already.

To the mommies out there, what questions should I be asking the yayas I will be considering?  What should I take note of?  What are the important things that I have to consider?

Can you mommies help me me out?

I would appreciate ALL the inputs!!

Thanks in advance!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Of Carriers, Cribs, Strollers, Bottles and Pumps

Okay, since I am a first time mom....

I have a few concerns:

I've been hearing that I should be getting the following items for my baby:
1.  Baby Carrier
2.  Baby Crib
3.  A set of Baby bottles
4.  Breastpump (if I plan to breastfeed)
5.  Sterilizer
6.  Play Pen

Now - what do I really need?  Do I really need all of them or just some of them?

Any recommendations on what brands to get?


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Malikot, ha!!

Last night, for the first time the baby was moving like crazy.

I experienced the first movements while I was in Seoul, Korea last October.  And last night, it was then that I felt the MOST movement!  And guess what I was watching?  I was watching E!'s segment on Victoria's Secret models!  Hahaha...

It was when Panget said that he was considering names of the angels.  When he blurted it out, the movement was out of this world!  It seemed as if my tummy was rumbling all over!  I think the baby was excited.  Hahahaha!!

For some reason - I can't fathom.

I woke up last night because of my baby's kicking.  Had a hard time going back to sleep. 

But its okay - since I don't feel tired naman today..

Baby - wag masyado malikot!!

Monday, November 22, 2010


Been experiencing numbness and tingling of the hands - often.

I get scared because I have a hard time clenching my fist when I wake up in the morning!

Being pregnant is NOT at all easy... :(

Baby - I hope you don't give Mommy any headaches - Mommy is sacrificing a LOT for you!!

I was paranoid, so I texted my doctor asking if there was a remedy for the tingling/numbing feeling of my hands - she replied saying that it was normal and that there was no medicine for it.  Sigh...

My belly is getting bigger and bigger.. rounder and rounder by the day!! its kinda hard to move around.

Monday, November 15, 2010

The CONS of being pregnant..

It was during the early 2000's that I learned and felt the terrors of a heartburn.  I initially thought that the pain I was experiencing was a heart attack!  This was because I felt sharp pains on my chest!  But when I told my mom about it - she told me what I might be feeling was - heartburn, she then gave me a medicine called Pepcid AC, and it worked wonderfully on me.  Since then, every time I felt the heartburn - I popped the pill.  It has been a while since I last felt a heartburn.  But when I got pregnant - it was often.  The thing was - I wasn't sure I could take Pepcid AC.  I asked my doctor and she said it was safe to take TUMS.  I never liked TUMS, because the local version had no flavor, thus the taste was a bit yucky - to think that you had to chew it!  Yikes!  As I was walking in Shoppesville, I remembered that there were stores that sold PX goods, I went in on each store asking for TUMS and I finally found a store that carried flavored TUMS!  I bought one and since then, heartburn wasn't as stressful as before.  Just chew a flavored TUMS and voila - heartburn, gone!

Leg Cramps
I think I am one of the few who experienced this early on.  As early as 16 weeks, I felt leg crams while asleep.  I would wake up in a jolt because I felt my leg cramping.  Good thing, I learned how to counter the leg cramp.  During pre-pregnancy, I automatically knew that my leg was cramping because I didn't take as much water during the day.  But during my pregnancy, I was drinking water like crazy!  So I got confused - I ended up drinking so much water that I wake up in the middle of the night wanting to pee!  This in turn interrupted my sleep cycle!  Turns out, this too was normal.  Sigh..

Numbing of the hands..
I got really scared one night, because I suddenly felt a tingling numbing sensation on both my hands.  You see, I have a habit sleeping with my hands above my head - then one night.. I suddenly felt the sensation.  I panicked awoke and started to wring my hands!  It took a while for the numbness to disappear, and when it did - I was already wide awake.  I couldn't go back to sleep!  I was so paranoid that the numbness will come back!  It took me a while to get back to sleep and when I did, I felt it again.  I searched online and found out that this was - NORMAL.  Sheesh!!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Helper Skelter Belter Welter..

I just thought it rhymes - no idea what the last three words meant.  Haha!

The recent drama in my life involves me, my Panget and our helper - Manang Letty.

Last night, I let go of her.

I got fed up with her when while reprimanding and reminder her of her shortcomings - she tells me 'Wag nyo akong punahin! Wala pa akong isang taon sa inyo!  Nag-aadjust pa ako!' She was 40 days old with me yesterday.

Why should I effing wait for a year before I reprimand her of the things she's apparently forgotten to do!  My gosh this was when I realized that she was going nowhere and I didn't want to go through this drama anymore! 

You see, she's 45 and she works a little bit slower than usual.  You'll need to give her instructions twice and have her repeat it so that you'll know she understood the instructions.  And when she forgets something - she REFUSES to admit that she forgot it!  You'll go on a lengthy conversation and in the end, she will admit that she indeed forgot to do it.  It takes her a while (4 to 5 days) to finish the laundry and to think, its just me and my Panget's clothes!  She blames the unpredictable rain for the stinky towels that I noticed twice before - i NEVER said or commented on her slowness with the laundry, ever.  YET she tells me its a major major problem for her and she's so stressed about it.  Silly, right? 

So last night, when I asked her to pack her stuff and leave - she suddenly became really nice.  Her facial expression that was angry, was gone - her expression was now the exact opposite.  She then asked me with a begging tone 'Ma'am, baka pwede bukas nalang ng umaga ako umalis, ayoko kasing bumiyahe pag gabi'  My heart said to give in to her request, but my mind said the exact opposite.  I have been very accommodating to her with all of her requests, YET she answered me back with anger when I reprimanded her.  I knew that if I gave in, it would make me look bad - I had to be tough, and tough I was - so, I told her - NO.

I couldn't believe that despite my being nice to her - buying her requested chocolate drink (she said it HAD to be Milo with Calcium), peanut butter, brown sugar (white sugar is not good for her health), the bagoong she liked, allowing her to go on her worship days Thursday and Sunday mornings (she's Iglesia Ni Cristo) when she initially asked to just go EVERY Sunday.  I think I knew that something was wrong when I gave her more than her salary - she was the one who promised me that she will give me back the change of P400.00 - I trusted her, knowing that was a member of INC, I thought she was trustworthy - the next day, she only gave me P200.00 with a sheepish smile on her face telling me to deduct the missing P200.00 on her next salary because she had to send money.  She did not look one bit guilty, it seemed like I owed her.  I got pissed, I mean - it was her who said that she will give the change when she got back, but she didn't - and when she did, it was missing half!  Is that an honest person?  I think not!  This made me realize that I should give her what is only due to her and not any more than that.  She cannot be trusted.

I thought she was different but she wasn't. 

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Pregnancy woes...

As early as 12 weeks, I have experiences numbness in the legs during sleep.  I thought this was nothing - as I experienced this even before I was pregnant.  This I thought was cause by lack of water or salt - so the next morning, I make it a point to drink lots of water.

After a few days, the numbness was gone.

Last week, I started experiencing numbness in my hands and fingers while sleeping.  I would wake up from the numbing sensation.  I wondered why this is happening.  I searched online and found out it was normal.  Even if this is normal, I feel like I'm becoming sleep deprived because I often wake up in the middle of the night, trying to shift the position of my hands!  This has been occurring regularly and is becoming irritating.

Is there a way to avoid the numbing of the hands?  Or do I have to just suck it in till I give birth?

Another thing that I am sad/distressed about is - my darkening underarms!

I have always been proud that my underarms are whitish!  But while in Seoul, Korea - I noticed that my underarms were a bit darker.  Thinking that it might have been caused by dirt, I scrubbed it endlessly to no avail.  I then asked a friend and she confirmed that underarms will indeed darken while pregnant, but the darkness will disappear after giving birth.


Pregnancy is NOT easy and its NOT delightful at times.....

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Didi goes shopping..

YES! I finally went shopping for maternity clothes!

Thanks to my Sister-In-Law/Stylist! 

She picked all the clothes and all I had to do was fit them.  She was the one who told me what looked nice and what needed to be tossed!  Since I am such a lazy shopper - she helped me soooo much!!

In the end - I spent about Php6,500.00 and guess how many pieces of clothing I got?

Drum roll please.....

12 pieces!!

Such a bargain right?  A fabulous bargain, indeed!!

And all of these clothes were bought in SM Cubao - and on a freaking Sunday!!

It's such a pleasure to shop there!  The department store was recently renovated and the fitting rooms aren't crowded at all!!

I must say - You've TRULY got it all in SM!!:)

Thank you S-I-L!!!

Thank you SM! :)

Friday, October 29, 2010

Rounder and rounder and rounder..

Changes are happening to me and my body.

I'm getting rounder and rounder everyday.  My face and my belly!  My belly belt has been feeling snug compared to last week being a little loose.

My clothes are getting tighter and tighter.  I'm running out of clothes to wear!!  Yikes! :)

I hate going shopping - I feel like its a chore!  And so now that there's a need to buy pregnant clothes - I feel so lazy!  If only I can wear to work my house clothes!  Hahaha...

The only thing that I can stand wearing are Fitflops.  Havaianas seem too flat for me now and when I walk with them, after a while - my back will automatically hurt.

Changes, changes......

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

H&M Mama

I knew there was a maternity line at H&M.

I was so glad that there was because when I went to Hong Kong last July - this was all I could think about!  I was so excited to go shopping.  Unfortunately, the items were not as vast as if it were the non-maternity.  Styles were limited BUT the variety was good enough.  I wished there were more but hey, I can't complain.

Last week, I went to Seoul - I had no idea if Seoul had an H&M, I was honestly clueless!  But while walking in Myeongdong - I saw Koreans holding bags of H&M - this made me a little excited, because it may mean that there is an H&M store in Seoul!  And true enough after a few steps, I saw it!  I went inside and walked around looking for the maternity line - and I saw none.  Sigh.

So when I got back to the hotel - I searched online and found a blog entry that mentioned that there was indeed an H&M Mama line in one of the Myeongdong stores.  Good thing, my Panget and I went back on our second to the last day!!

I was ecstatic because I found a pair of pants that was on sale and also a belly belt!

This belly belt cost Korean Won25,000.00 converted its P1,000.00.

That's for two belly band already - one black and one white.

The price is not bad for me since its P500.00 each.

The ones being sold here in Having a Baby is at P899.00 per piece!

Not bad right?

Sleeping Positions

I used to sleep on my back, but then a friend told me to sleep on my left with a pillow between my legs.

This is the BEST position they say - BUT how come when I wake up, I find myself on my back?

And when I do - I immediately turn on my left again.

But when I wake up - there I am again, on my back!


Seoul Searching!

Aneyong Haseo!

That's the welcome phrase Koreans say, or so that's what I think!  Hahaha..

I came back from Seoul, Korea last Sunday!

To sum up the trip, the weather was lovely and the food was fabulous!! :)

I think I gained at least 5pounds from the eating!! :)

I miss the cold weather though...

Travelling at 19 weeks is not as easy.. I get tired after walking for hours, good thing I have my trusty FitFlop with me!! :)

P.S.  I can't help but remember the movie My Sassy Girl.  This is the first Korean movie that I loved!  The second is called The Classic, I cry buckets after watching this.. over and over, again!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Pregnant and travelling to Korea..

Yes, I think it's all systems go for Seoul, Korea next week.

I'm a bit scared because I'm not feeling too well now.

My throat is sore and I can feel an on-set of colds.

Bad trip.

I can't sleep well.  When I do wake up early, I can't seem to go back to sleep!

Will go to the doctor later - I hope she can give me meds.

Hate being sick like this...

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Attending weddings...

I am not one who likes to dress up.  I am one who loves to eat delicious meals at wedding receptions.  So, see my frustration to dress up - especially when I'm four months pregnant!

Pre-pregnancy, I had these three dresses that I loved to alternated.  Unfortunately none of these three dresses fit me now.  I am four months pregnant, my body is in an awkward stage - unsure if the bump is fat or baby belly.

So at tonight's wedding reception of my Panget's cousin - I wore a long dress.  The dress is actually not meant for a formal setting, but good for me - it can pass for a formal wear.

It's so hard to dress up while you're pregnant.  It seems like you have to shop for 'fat/pregnant' clothes every now and then! 

I hate shopping pa naman....


Monday, September 20, 2010

SHY baby..

Last Saturday's visit was FAIL.

Baby's crossed his/her legs!!!


Need to wait another four weeks!!!

The suspense is literally making me nervous!!


Saturday, September 11, 2010

Massage! Pre-Natal Massage!!

Copied from THIS post:

I haven't had a massage in a loooong while..

And since learning that I was on the way - well, I was told by friends not to have one.

I asked my doctor and she gave me the go signal - just make sure not to touch the tummy area.

I debated with friends on this - and finally, I decided to have one.  But having one - I had to look for a reputable one who knows what do to.  I asked my good friend Alch and she gave me a number to call.

Image borrowed from THIS site

I contacted her last week.

And just now - I got my well deserved massage.

She seemed to know what she was doing, she told me there are certain parts of my back that she couldn't touch or put pressure on which was specifically my pelvic bone on my lower back.  I was badly wanting her to knead that part, unfortunately - she said she couldn't.

The massage was well worth it.  It was soooo good that I wanted to have one again next week!

Massages are really a great great way to relaaaaaaaaaax....

Thanks L!! :)


My Panget and I were supposed to go our OB this afternoon, but when I called for an appointment, the secretary said that the doctor wasn't in - but there's a reliever, IF I'm okay with that.

I asked my Panget and he said to wait when the doctor comes back - and that will be next week.

Okay - my Panget's cousin said that as early as thirteen (13) weeks, the same doctor was able to determine the gender of the baby.  Currently, I'm 14 weeks and 2/7 days.

My Panget and I were hoping to find out if we're having a girl or a boy.

Since the doctor wasn't in - our guessing game will last another week! Haha!!

So, what do you think?  Is it a girl or a boy?? :)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Deliriously Hungry..

I'm currently 13 weeks and 5/7 days.

I just noticed that yesterday and today - I have been feeling deliriously hungry.

Deliriously hungry for me meant that I was hungry all the time.  I catch myself munching on whatever just to keep my hunger pains.

Is this normal?

At the rate I am going (getting hungry most of the time) I till I'll be a cow when I reach my 9th month!!


Sunday, September 5, 2010


What is 'LIHI' in english?

Well, whatever it is - I think I know what I am making lihi..

It's Matt Bomer/Bryce Larkin/Neal Caffrey

Why?  Because I am loving watching him on TV all the time.  I watch his show White Collar over and over again (even if I've seen it previously).

If my baby is a boy - let's hope that he'll be as handsome and as charming as Neal Caffrey!!!

Isn't he the cutest??


Image was borrowed from THIS site

Monday, August 30, 2010

10 Things about my pregnancy

1) Sleep
For three weeks now - on and off, I have been having problems sleeping. I wake up at 5am and have a hard time sleeping again. I get bothered with small noises and my Panget's snores! I try my best to sleep but usually doze off after an hour or so, is this normal?

2) Leg Cramps
A total of 4 times this has happened to me. The most recent, I didn't feel the cramp up until I woke up and felt my calves so sore. Was it because I walked for about two hours the day before?

3) Acidic Tummy
I am honestly confused. I am not sure if I feel the acid or the hunger. Let's say at 8:30am I eat two bananas, by 10am I am hungry again! I can't seem to figure it out whether its hunger or the acid.

4) Constipation
My gosh - I have been having a hard time. I mean, I feel like I'm getting rounder because of the non-pooping instead of the baby!

5) Lower back pains
While lying on my back, I have a hard time getting up! Or when I sit for a long period of time, I feel sharp pains in my lower back. When I lie face down for a while and try to move right side up, I feel shar pains too! And when I walk for a long period of time, my lower back feels like its swollen. Does this really happen?

6) Dry Skin
My skin on the legs are UNUSUALLY dry. Even after applying lotion, they still feel a little inflamed.

7) White heads or something like it
Been having them on my forehead and cheeks.

8) Obsession with certain TV shows and actors
I am obsessed with Matt Bomer aka Neal Caffrey of White Collar. Whenever I watch any of his episodes, I feel so giddy and happy and excited! I find him sooooo handsome and charming!!

9) Food Cravings or something to that effect
There are only three foods that I will ALWAYS eat in an instant, and those are French Fries, Steak and Pizza! I can have these babies ANYTIME I am hungry.. Put them in front of me and I will surely gobble them up.

10) Longing for massage
I was a massage addict, but now - I badly need one for my lower back, and I desperately need and want one! Can anyone suggest a pre-natal massage therapist? I am surely missing those foot and body massages.

Helper woes while pregnant...

When I was in Grade School, all my friends and I could talk about was when we'll reach High School and stop studying. When I reached High School the topic shifted to boys and dating. When I got to college, almost the same topic was discussed who was dating whom, what careers we would eventually go to. After college, we discussed about settling down and about the future.

When I got married, the number one topic of discussion - the house help.

There are people who are lucky to find that perfect helper that will stay with them for a long time, while some are unlucky and keep changing from time to time. It is stressful because managing a household is not easy. Believe me, it looks easy but it's not.

This brings me to my recent stressful moment. Helper woes.

You see, I have this helper who is very lazy. I already made out a list of things to do, printed them on paper and even laminated it for her so she can browse on it from time to time. But she doesn't care, she just does her own thing. She was with me for seven month. Until I really got tired of reminding her of things to do - I had to let her go. But before she left, I got to speak to the sister of a friend's helper - the sister of the friend's helper was looking for a job (she was based in Bacolod), and thus I asked to speak to her, to interview her a bit. I asked if she was masipag, and she said yes, I asked if she could cook, she said a little, I then told her her salary and that there's a day-off of only once a month and I do not allow overnights day-offs, she agreed. After the conversation - my friend then sent money for their boat fare and their 1k salary advance. After a few days - she got to Manila, I had to pick her up at my friend's house. She seemed really nice and looked decent, although I doubted her age, she said that she was 39 but she looked older than 39, but I didn't mind this little detail. I was more concerned on how she'd work. For a week, my mom's helper was with her to help her out and guide her on what she has to do.

My mom's helper who has been with us for about ten years told me in confidence that my helper has told her that she wished that they were together, and that my mom's helper doesn't leave her alone. This made me wonder, why she would say that. After a few days with me, when I was about to go to work, she asked if she could make an advance on her salary. This made me laugh, I mean - barely a week with me and she's asking for a salary advance? I then told her about my policy on not granting salary advances, she then told me that she just asked me, she was taking a chance that I might say yes. I also lent her a cellphone so I can contact her in case of emergencies, and so that her family can contact her too! I gave her a load good for one month also, so she can make calls right?

After a few week, when I reminded her to always have breakfast prepared for my Panget, she burst into tears and told me that she was having a hard time cleaning the whole house and that she was takot to cook for for us because we might not like what she has cooked. She then proceeded to tell me that she didn't expect to work for a Chinese couple. This irked me because what the hell is the difference working for a Pinoy, American and Chinese couple? If she was looking for work, whatever race her employers was should not matter right? But I guess for her, it mattered heavily. She then told me that she's feeling numbness in her arms from working all day. First of all, I NEVER told her to clean the whole house everyday, in fact - I have a laminated list of things to do everyday, once a week and once a month! Where did that come from? When everything was settled and cleared, she then looked happier and normal.

Then come last week, she asked me if there was 'something' in our house, because she felt that there was. She was cleaning our bathroom one day and she said that she felt something touch her waist. I then told her that it might have been hunger or paranoia because if there was indeed something, my two previous helpers would have mentioned it, my mom's helper would have told me too.

Last Saturday during dinner, she went up to me and told me that she wanted to leave already. This was because she felt something and was really afraid. She then told me that the night before, she saw something - a black shadow going up the stairs. She said that she couldn't sleep and that she has been bothered for a while. I am not the type to force the issue, if she didn't want to work anymore, by all means go! She was convinced to go, she even said that her brother will pick her up the next morning. She then called her sister, my friend's helper - her sister then asked to speak to me, she asked me if I had a problem with my helper. I told her that I do not have any problems, it was her sister that had issues with the work and the house, she then asked me if it was okay to still take her, I said yes of course but it seemed like her sister was convinced to leave already. I then told my helper that my mom suggested for me to buy a radio for her to use since the house was quiet during the day. After saying that she told me that was willing to work again, and so I accepted.

Just before lunch, I received a call from my friend. She told me that my helper spoke to her sister and told her that she didn't have any food to eat for the past two weeks. What the hell?! My friend said that she called me so that I could fix whatever issue there was with me and my helper. I thank this friend of mine, THANKS S!!

I was honestly pissed, I then confronted my helper. I told her what was this she was telling her sister that she didn't have food to eat. She then burst into tears telling me that she wasn't eating because she didn't know what she was allowed to get frozen chicken & meat from the freezer and veggies from the refrigerator. I was very much irritated because all of my helpers knew (because I told them from Day 1) that they could get anything from the fridge. She said that she didn't recall me saying it - which was honestly bull because she remembers me asking her what she wanted to eat! Why would I ask her what she wanted to eat when I didn't want to feed her in the first place? When her sister would call her to ask what she had for lunch, she tells her that she hasn't eaten lunch, of course - her sister will get worried right? I then asked her why she didn't eat - she then tells me that she has lost her appetite after doing her chores - now, is that my fault?

I was really worked up and so I asked her, if she was just making an excuse to leave her work, because I don't buy those excuses - she could just tell me flat out if she wanted to leave and I will let her leave! Why make an excuse to leave right? She then said that she wanted to continue to work, but she had to call her sister first to ask if she will stay or leave. Oh my gosh, by this time - I was pissed. If she had to ask her sister EVERY little detail, then she might as well ask her sister for her salary! I mean why ask her sister's opinion? Couldn't she decide on her own? My gosh! I then waited for about 15 minutes while they spoke - her sister told her to work till she reaches a month so that she can at least get part of her salary, to which I agreed. I would let her go easy because I advanced her part of her salary and the boat fare, how was I supposed to get those back right?

I have to say, I treat my helpers very humanely. I give then more than enough food, they share what my Panget and I eat. I encourage them to take breaks and even tell them to watch TV at night. I speak to them in a very soft tone using 'po' for elder helpers. I never raise my voice to them and when I need something, I ask them nicely with a smile and say thank you after. I have never threatened them nor have I hurt them in any way. I do not understand what this current helper's problem is, I am honestly hurt and confused. I mean, it would be okay if ever I did not give her food, but I always reminded her to take food from the fridge, I even have a stash of sardines, instant noodles, corned beef for her in case she gets hungry.

Hiring help is so stressful, what more in the coming months when I'll be looking for a good and capable yaya. Will they get along? Hahaha!!

These woes of ours tell us that we're in a certain stage in life. Right now, I'm at the stage of newlyweds looking for good help! hahaha...

Oh yeah, I asked her real age - she's 42.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Black Poo!!

I know its GROSS but I just have to write about it..

I noticed that since I started taking Iron vitamins, I've been having black colored poop!!

I was quite alarmed when I saw it while I was in HK, but set those thoughts aside because I thought, it might have been because of the 'char-grilled' steak that I ate with Panget's cousin.

But three weeks later, its still colored black!!


I then searched it online, only to find out that - indeed, when one take Iron vitamins, there's a tendency for the poop to be .... BLACK!!

Problem, SOLVED!!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Morning Sickness

Just now, I experiences my second ever morning sickness..

I had milk and mini-wheats this morning for breakfast, and just a few minutes ago, I felt a little weird and then, I had to go to the bathroom because of the purging feeling.

Bye bye milk and mini-wheats.

I hate the feeling!

I was thinking that I was out of the woods already since I'm on my 10th week already..


I am 10 weeks and 4/7 days pregnant!!

What am I feeling?

Well - I've been feeling acidic, well - if that's what you call it!!  It seems like I want to burp, but I can't seem to burp!  And when I do burp - at the end of the burp, I feel the acidic saliva!!  Yuck!!

And then I have been having sudden headaches, sudden morning sickness (whilst talking to my mom, I suddenly felt the need to vomit!  I headed to the bathroom, but nothing came out, only acid-y saliva! Yuck, again!)

I have been lazy to cook dinner.  Thank goodness for my mom's trusty helper!  Thank you Josie!!

I've been constipated lately.  Having a hard time, even with the help of Papaya, which normally works wonders - no result.  I am honestly tempted to take a laxative, but right now - I'm trying cereals - Mini-wheats from Kellog's! Let's see if its effective!!

As for some good news, my OB says that I can eat salads!!  Yahoooo!! :)

I've been noticing though.. that my waist... getting more laman.......  I can't diet because its unhealthy!!

I weight myself just after dinner, and I gained 2 pounds since July 31, 2010.  Hopefully that's good!!

Ultrasound Images..

Here are the Ultrasound Images... :)

I am AMAZED at the developments...

Monday, August 2, 2010

Back from HK trip..

Let me tell you, travelling while pregnant - NOT EASY!!

My usual energetic self - well, quite the opposite, as I was tired very easily.

I was always hungry and thirsty, so I had crackers and a bottled water in my bag!

I was extra careful where I walked since it was raining like crazy in Hong Kong.

The food I ate, I had to watch!  I couldn't just buy from just anywhere! 

Shopping?  Well - to be honest, I was quite depressed.  This is because I couldn't purchase anything that isn't for maternity because I knew that in a few weeks time, I might not be able to fit in them anymore.

Thus - I shopped for some maternity clothes.  Pants, Capris, Tops and a dress.

Now, I understand why pregnant women complain that they do not have a decent place to shop for nice clothes!  Thank goodness for H&M for they have a maternity line!!

Panget and I were deciding whether to go to the World Expo in Shang-Hai, I begged off the trip because I knew that I would have a hard time walking, and waiting in line..

Another thing?  I experienced spotting on my second to the last day!  Hong Kong's pharmacies were very strict on prescription drugs and so I just had to rest and be extra careful!  The next day, I felt my lower back hurt!  It felt and looked like the left portion of my lowerback was swollen!  And every time I walked - it felt like a vein on my lowerback was caught in something.  It was terrible!!

Good thing, we were already on our way home to Manila.

After a good night's sleep - lowerback pain was no more.  Thank goodness!

My Panget and I went to the doctor and good thing, everything was normal!! :) 

Saturday, July 24, 2010

I am 7 weeks and 2/7 days pregnant!!

Went to the doctor this afternoon and we saw the embryo and the heartbeat!

I was amazed at the size, it became bigger, as compared to the first image on the first ever ultrasound.

I'm quite excited...

Please BABY - don't let mommy have morning sickness or aches & pains!!

See you again in three weeks!!

By the way, tomorrow I will be traveling as a pregnant woman, I'm a little scared.

I hope everything will be alright...

Updates while I'm away!

Stay tuned!!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Food Cravings..

I don't know if you can consider this a food craving BUT - I have been thinking of cakes with lots and lots of icing.

Does that count?

Another is that - just this afternoon, I thought of having steaks or hamburgers for dinner.

Does these count as cravings?

Beats me!! :)

Thanks to my Panget, because I was able to eat a hamburger.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Signs of pregnancy, I think...

I think I'm feeling the signs of pregnancy..

I never felt so tired today, I mean I drove to Ortigas center and it took me an hour to get there because of the terrible traffic.  I felt so tired, and I don't know why!!

This is pregnancy huh?? :)

Thursday, July 15, 2010

ANSWERS to my Questions, questions, questions..

These are what my OB said:

Here are some that I will be asking my OB tomorrow:

1. What can and can't I eat?  I can eat ANYTHING!!
2. What can and can't I drink? (I hope she allows me one Serenitea per week!) I can have Serenitea!  I can have 2 cups of coffee a day (but I don't drink coffee!)  I am sooooo happy that Im permitted to drink Serenitea!!
3. Can my dog sleep with me in my room?  Yes, my Jacob can sleep in my room!  Dogs are generally clean!
4. Can i eat spicy food? Use chili sauce?  Yes, I can!!
5. What physical activities can I do? Can I go jogging? Brisk walking?  No jogging or running - only WALKING!
6. Can I have a body massage? Foot massage?  YES I can! As long as they don't touch my tummy area!
7. Can I still get pedicure cleaning?  'OF COURSE YOU CAN!' says the doctor!
8. Is it safe to use Mineral Make-Up? Moisturizer? Sunblock? Yes, just don't use anything with alphahydroxy!
9. Can I still bleach my upperlip?  Yes, I can!!
10. What hair products can or can't I use?  All hair products are permitted!
11. What medicines can I take for the following:
12. Headache? Biogesic
1. Colds?  Decolgen
2. Cough?
3. Indigestion?  Sodium Bicarbonate, Tums
4. Fever?  Biogesic
5. Constipation?  Dulcolax or Psyllium
6. Allergies?  Claritin
7. Nausea?  Biogesic
8. Spotting?  Duphaston
13. Can I still sleep lying on my back?  YES!
14. When is my due date? (Yes, this if FORGOT to ask!!)  MARCH 11, 2011

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Questions, questions, questions...

I'm filled with questions these days..

Here are some that I will be asking my OB tomorrow:

  1. What can and can't I eat?
  2. What can and can't I drink? (I hope she allows me one Serenitea per week!)
  3. Can my dog sleep with me in my room?
  4. Can i eat spicy food?  Use chili sauce?
  5. What physical activities can I do?  Can I go jogging?  Brisk walking?
  6. Can I have a body massage?  Foot massage?
  7. Can I still get pedicure cleaning?
  8. Is it safe to use Mineral Make-Up?  Moisturizer?  Sunblock?  
  9. Can I still bleach my upperlip?
  10. What hair products can or can't I use?
  11. What medicines can I take for the following:
  12. Headache?
    1. Colds?
    2. Cough?
    3. Indigestion?
    4. Fever?
    5. Constipation?
    6. Allergies?
    7. Nausea?
    8. Spotting?
  13. Can I still sleep lying on my back?
  14. When is my due date? (Yes, this if FORGOT to ask!!)
Any other questions I forgot??
Leave them on the comments section...

Here's a pic of the three home pregnancy test kits that I used!! :)

Thanks!! :)

Monday, July 12, 2010


Sounds like Jejemon?

Well, yeah - but not quite!!

I decided to put up this blog, so I can document my mommy journey.

As of last Thursday (July 1, 2010) I am 5.5 weeks pregnant.

I don't think there are changes yet, but I do feel that my boobies are so tender these days, I get thirsty more often and hungry more often.  I didn't think these were the signs but I guess - they're the signs!! :)

Thanks for dropping by!!

Will try and post more!! :)