Thursday, December 23, 2010

Water therapy helps!

I am a water drinker. 

I prefer drinking water as opposed to drinking iced tea and sodas.  Whenever I'm out for meals - I just request for water, cold water that is.

There are times that I drink so much, while there are times that I drink so little.

You see, when work gets in the way - I tend to forget to drink water!!

For the past months, I have been neglecting my water intake.  As much as I'd like to fill myself with the 8 glasses of water needed in a day - I think I only take half of it.

But last night during a Christmas party at my house - I was able to down a LOT of water, I mean a LOT because I kept on going to the bathroom!  Very good right?

I think so too!!

So when this morning - I tried to stretch my legs - GONE were the cramping pains that I felt!!!

Problem sooooooooooolved!!

That is for the leg cramps...

As for my hands - well, I am still having a hard time clenching my first after waking up!  They still get numb and they're still very chubby......

But at least, one problem solved right?

Oh!  By the way - my baby is already almost 3lbs..  My doctor has advised me to keep my weight gain to a minimum as I am already 3 lbs overweight.


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Swelling ankles & terrible back pains

I am experiencing swelling of my ankles, carpal tunnel syndrome and terrible back pains.

Everything is a big OUCH these days..

Every morning - I dread getting out of bed because I have a hard time clenching my fists!  I feel pain whenever I try to do so - and so ease the pain, I do it ever so slowly.  Now, when I raise myself to get out of bed - by lowerback feels sore, I also do this slowly, to ease the pain.  Then, when I step on the floor, I notice that my feet don't look normal at all!!  They're a bit swelling.

Sigh.... the cons of being pregnant.....

I've been raising my feet up for the past few days, and they've been effective.  Its just that whenever my work day ends - they're huge!!  Hahahaha....


Monday, December 6, 2010

High Triglycerides & HDL Cholesterol

Last week, I was told by my OB that I needed to have bloodwork done before I went to her.  I picked last week because it was nearer to my check-up date.

So I made a home-service appointment for a very early Thursday morning blood drawing and within seconds, I was done.  My Panget also had his test done - since I was having mine.

That same afternoon, I got my results.

I was paranoid because a friend of mine told me that she was fearing gestational diabetes.  To be honest, I have been craving for sweets since I was 15 weeks.  I seem to want to eat everything sweet - cakes most especially!

When I got hold of the results - I saw that my blood sugar was normal - thank goodness right!?  But my cholesterol was off the charts - so is the triglycerides!  I was nervous!!

When I researched online - I found out that it was my good cholesterol that was off the charts, the bad one was within the normal range.  But as for the triglycerides - well, they're really high.  My mom was worried because she knows that high triglycerides is bad!

So, last Saturday - with the blood results in hand, I showed it to my OB.  She looked at them and just said 'You're okay!  The results are all normal'  This prompted me to ask her if she read the results right, I had to tell her again that my results showed high triglycerides and high cholesterol.  She just replied that a pregnant woman usually has high triglycerides - she advised me to watch my oil and fat intake, that's it!  And as for the cholesterol - she told me that it was my good cholesterol that's high - and there's nothing to worry about.

A sigh of relief!!!  Hahahaha...

The baby is positioned correctly as opposed to last month's breech postion.  My OB tells me that there's only 4% chance that the baby will switch positions, and I don't need to worry about anything.

My OB also showed me the baby's arms and lips.

To be honest, I only saw the arms.. the lips were hazy.  Hahahaha!! 

Going back to the doctor again before the vacation starts!!

Wish me luck!!