Thursday, July 15, 2010

ANSWERS to my Questions, questions, questions..

These are what my OB said:

Here are some that I will be asking my OB tomorrow:

1. What can and can't I eat?  I can eat ANYTHING!!
2. What can and can't I drink? (I hope she allows me one Serenitea per week!) I can have Serenitea!  I can have 2 cups of coffee a day (but I don't drink coffee!)  I am sooooo happy that Im permitted to drink Serenitea!!
3. Can my dog sleep with me in my room?  Yes, my Jacob can sleep in my room!  Dogs are generally clean!
4. Can i eat spicy food? Use chili sauce?  Yes, I can!!
5. What physical activities can I do? Can I go jogging? Brisk walking?  No jogging or running - only WALKING!
6. Can I have a body massage? Foot massage?  YES I can! As long as they don't touch my tummy area!
7. Can I still get pedicure cleaning?  'OF COURSE YOU CAN!' says the doctor!
8. Is it safe to use Mineral Make-Up? Moisturizer? Sunblock? Yes, just don't use anything with alphahydroxy!
9. Can I still bleach my upperlip?  Yes, I can!!
10. What hair products can or can't I use?  All hair products are permitted!
11. What medicines can I take for the following:
12. Headache? Biogesic
1. Colds?  Decolgen
2. Cough?
3. Indigestion?  Sodium Bicarbonate, Tums
4. Fever?  Biogesic
5. Constipation?  Dulcolax or Psyllium
6. Allergies?  Claritin
7. Nausea?  Biogesic
8. Spotting?  Duphaston
13. Can I still sleep lying on my back?  YES!
14. When is my due date? (Yes, this if FORGOT to ask!!)  MARCH 11, 2011


  1. didi, for constipation, you can go natural -- papaya's great, so are prunes. =) welcome to the club!