Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Pregnancy woes...

As early as 12 weeks, I have experiences numbness in the legs during sleep.  I thought this was nothing - as I experienced this even before I was pregnant.  This I thought was cause by lack of water or salt - so the next morning, I make it a point to drink lots of water.

After a few days, the numbness was gone.

Last week, I started experiencing numbness in my hands and fingers while sleeping.  I would wake up from the numbing sensation.  I wondered why this is happening.  I searched online and found out it was normal.  Even if this is normal, I feel like I'm becoming sleep deprived because I often wake up in the middle of the night, trying to shift the position of my hands!  This has been occurring regularly and is becoming irritating.

Is there a way to avoid the numbing of the hands?  Or do I have to just suck it in till I give birth?

Another thing that I am sad/distressed about is - my darkening underarms!

I have always been proud that my underarms are whitish!  But while in Seoul, Korea - I noticed that my underarms were a bit darker.  Thinking that it might have been caused by dirt, I scrubbed it endlessly to no avail.  I then asked a friend and she confirmed that underarms will indeed darken while pregnant, but the darkness will disappear after giving birth.


Pregnancy is NOT easy and its NOT delightful at times.....