Sunday, October 31, 2010

Didi goes shopping..

YES! I finally went shopping for maternity clothes!

Thanks to my Sister-In-Law/Stylist! 

She picked all the clothes and all I had to do was fit them.  She was the one who told me what looked nice and what needed to be tossed!  Since I am such a lazy shopper - she helped me soooo much!!

In the end - I spent about Php6,500.00 and guess how many pieces of clothing I got?

Drum roll please.....

12 pieces!!

Such a bargain right?  A fabulous bargain, indeed!!

And all of these clothes were bought in SM Cubao - and on a freaking Sunday!!

It's such a pleasure to shop there!  The department store was recently renovated and the fitting rooms aren't crowded at all!!

I must say - You've TRULY got it all in SM!!:)

Thank you S-I-L!!!

Thank you SM! :)

Friday, October 29, 2010

Rounder and rounder and rounder..

Changes are happening to me and my body.

I'm getting rounder and rounder everyday.  My face and my belly!  My belly belt has been feeling snug compared to last week being a little loose.

My clothes are getting tighter and tighter.  I'm running out of clothes to wear!!  Yikes! :)

I hate going shopping - I feel like its a chore!  And so now that there's a need to buy pregnant clothes - I feel so lazy!  If only I can wear to work my house clothes!  Hahaha...

The only thing that I can stand wearing are Fitflops.  Havaianas seem too flat for me now and when I walk with them, after a while - my back will automatically hurt.

Changes, changes......

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

H&M Mama

I knew there was a maternity line at H&M.

I was so glad that there was because when I went to Hong Kong last July - this was all I could think about!  I was so excited to go shopping.  Unfortunately, the items were not as vast as if it were the non-maternity.  Styles were limited BUT the variety was good enough.  I wished there were more but hey, I can't complain.

Last week, I went to Seoul - I had no idea if Seoul had an H&M, I was honestly clueless!  But while walking in Myeongdong - I saw Koreans holding bags of H&M - this made me a little excited, because it may mean that there is an H&M store in Seoul!  And true enough after a few steps, I saw it!  I went inside and walked around looking for the maternity line - and I saw none.  Sigh.

So when I got back to the hotel - I searched online and found a blog entry that mentioned that there was indeed an H&M Mama line in one of the Myeongdong stores.  Good thing, my Panget and I went back on our second to the last day!!

I was ecstatic because I found a pair of pants that was on sale and also a belly belt!

This belly belt cost Korean Won25,000.00 converted its P1,000.00.

That's for two belly band already - one black and one white.

The price is not bad for me since its P500.00 each.

The ones being sold here in Having a Baby is at P899.00 per piece!

Not bad right?

Sleeping Positions

I used to sleep on my back, but then a friend told me to sleep on my left with a pillow between my legs.

This is the BEST position they say - BUT how come when I wake up, I find myself on my back?

And when I do - I immediately turn on my left again.

But when I wake up - there I am again, on my back!


Seoul Searching!

Aneyong Haseo!

That's the welcome phrase Koreans say, or so that's what I think!  Hahaha..

I came back from Seoul, Korea last Sunday!

To sum up the trip, the weather was lovely and the food was fabulous!! :)

I think I gained at least 5pounds from the eating!! :)

I miss the cold weather though...

Travelling at 19 weeks is not as easy.. I get tired after walking for hours, good thing I have my trusty FitFlop with me!! :)

P.S.  I can't help but remember the movie My Sassy Girl.  This is the first Korean movie that I loved!  The second is called The Classic, I cry buckets after watching this.. over and over, again!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Pregnant and travelling to Korea..

Yes, I think it's all systems go for Seoul, Korea next week.

I'm a bit scared because I'm not feeling too well now.

My throat is sore and I can feel an on-set of colds.

Bad trip.

I can't sleep well.  When I do wake up early, I can't seem to go back to sleep!

Will go to the doctor later - I hope she can give me meds.

Hate being sick like this...