Monday, August 30, 2010

10 Things about my pregnancy

1) Sleep
For three weeks now - on and off, I have been having problems sleeping. I wake up at 5am and have a hard time sleeping again. I get bothered with small noises and my Panget's snores! I try my best to sleep but usually doze off after an hour or so, is this normal?

2) Leg Cramps
A total of 4 times this has happened to me. The most recent, I didn't feel the cramp up until I woke up and felt my calves so sore. Was it because I walked for about two hours the day before?

3) Acidic Tummy
I am honestly confused. I am not sure if I feel the acid or the hunger. Let's say at 8:30am I eat two bananas, by 10am I am hungry again! I can't seem to figure it out whether its hunger or the acid.

4) Constipation
My gosh - I have been having a hard time. I mean, I feel like I'm getting rounder because of the non-pooping instead of the baby!

5) Lower back pains
While lying on my back, I have a hard time getting up! Or when I sit for a long period of time, I feel sharp pains in my lower back. When I lie face down for a while and try to move right side up, I feel shar pains too! And when I walk for a long period of time, my lower back feels like its swollen. Does this really happen?

6) Dry Skin
My skin on the legs are UNUSUALLY dry. Even after applying lotion, they still feel a little inflamed.

7) White heads or something like it
Been having them on my forehead and cheeks.

8) Obsession with certain TV shows and actors
I am obsessed with Matt Bomer aka Neal Caffrey of White Collar. Whenever I watch any of his episodes, I feel so giddy and happy and excited! I find him sooooo handsome and charming!!

9) Food Cravings or something to that effect
There are only three foods that I will ALWAYS eat in an instant, and those are French Fries, Steak and Pizza! I can have these babies ANYTIME I am hungry.. Put them in front of me and I will surely gobble them up.

10) Longing for massage
I was a massage addict, but now - I badly need one for my lower back, and I desperately need and want one! Can anyone suggest a pre-natal massage therapist? I am surely missing those foot and body massages.

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