Thursday, December 23, 2010

Water therapy helps!

I am a water drinker. 

I prefer drinking water as opposed to drinking iced tea and sodas.  Whenever I'm out for meals - I just request for water, cold water that is.

There are times that I drink so much, while there are times that I drink so little.

You see, when work gets in the way - I tend to forget to drink water!!

For the past months, I have been neglecting my water intake.  As much as I'd like to fill myself with the 8 glasses of water needed in a day - I think I only take half of it.

But last night during a Christmas party at my house - I was able to down a LOT of water, I mean a LOT because I kept on going to the bathroom!  Very good right?

I think so too!!

So when this morning - I tried to stretch my legs - GONE were the cramping pains that I felt!!!

Problem sooooooooooolved!!

That is for the leg cramps...

As for my hands - well, I am still having a hard time clenching my first after waking up!  They still get numb and they're still very chubby......

But at least, one problem solved right?

Oh!  By the way - my baby is already almost 3lbs..  My doctor has advised me to keep my weight gain to a minimum as I am already 3 lbs overweight.


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