Saturday, September 25, 2010

Attending weddings...

I am not one who likes to dress up.  I am one who loves to eat delicious meals at wedding receptions.  So, see my frustration to dress up - especially when I'm four months pregnant!

Pre-pregnancy, I had these three dresses that I loved to alternated.  Unfortunately none of these three dresses fit me now.  I am four months pregnant, my body is in an awkward stage - unsure if the bump is fat or baby belly.

So at tonight's wedding reception of my Panget's cousin - I wore a long dress.  The dress is actually not meant for a formal setting, but good for me - it can pass for a formal wear.

It's so hard to dress up while you're pregnant.  It seems like you have to shop for 'fat/pregnant' clothes every now and then! 

I hate shopping pa naman....


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