Thursday, August 19, 2010

Black Poo!!

I know its GROSS but I just have to write about it..

I noticed that since I started taking Iron vitamins, I've been having black colored poop!!

I was quite alarmed when I saw it while I was in HK, but set those thoughts aside because I thought, it might have been because of the 'char-grilled' steak that I ate with Panget's cousin.

But three weeks later, its still colored black!!


I then searched it online, only to find out that - indeed, when one take Iron vitamins, there's a tendency for the poop to be .... BLACK!!

Problem, SOLVED!!


  1. Whew, good thing it's normal.

    Some people on plurk usually say, Photos or not true! Haha, just kidding.

    I like your Didi Mom blog design. CUTESY!


  2. Love this new blog of yours :) Will definitely be checking it out more for you mom updates! Congratulations again and hang in there! I remember this black poop stage as well as the acid reflux (ick ick ick) gets better don't worry!

  3. Janey! Thanks!! Miss you!!
    Joey!! Thanks for dropping by!! :) Thanks for the words of encouragement! I am hoping that things will get better!! Thanks!!! :) I have been munching on Tums for the acid reflux.. ang sarap ng Tums (imported ones)