Thursday, November 25, 2010

Of Carriers, Cribs, Strollers, Bottles and Pumps

Okay, since I am a first time mom....

I have a few concerns:

I've been hearing that I should be getting the following items for my baby:
1.  Baby Carrier
2.  Baby Crib
3.  A set of Baby bottles
4.  Breastpump (if I plan to breastfeed)
5.  Sterilizer
6.  Play Pen

Now - what do I really need?  Do I really need all of them or just some of them?

Any recommendations on what brands to get?



  1. I think what you need to buy first are baby crib, feeding bottles, sterilizer and breast pump.

    The rest you can buy when the baby needs it na after you gave birth.

    And for the feeding bottles pala, I bought 2 brands, Tommee Tippee and Avent in case the baby is not compatible with a particular brand.

    Reading so many baby articles can be so overwhelming no? =)

  2. Badet, its so OVERWHELMING!! grabe..