Monday, November 15, 2010

The CONS of being pregnant..

It was during the early 2000's that I learned and felt the terrors of a heartburn.  I initially thought that the pain I was experiencing was a heart attack!  This was because I felt sharp pains on my chest!  But when I told my mom about it - she told me what I might be feeling was - heartburn, she then gave me a medicine called Pepcid AC, and it worked wonderfully on me.  Since then, every time I felt the heartburn - I popped the pill.  It has been a while since I last felt a heartburn.  But when I got pregnant - it was often.  The thing was - I wasn't sure I could take Pepcid AC.  I asked my doctor and she said it was safe to take TUMS.  I never liked TUMS, because the local version had no flavor, thus the taste was a bit yucky - to think that you had to chew it!  Yikes!  As I was walking in Shoppesville, I remembered that there were stores that sold PX goods, I went in on each store asking for TUMS and I finally found a store that carried flavored TUMS!  I bought one and since then, heartburn wasn't as stressful as before.  Just chew a flavored TUMS and voila - heartburn, gone!

Leg Cramps
I think I am one of the few who experienced this early on.  As early as 16 weeks, I felt leg crams while asleep.  I would wake up in a jolt because I felt my leg cramping.  Good thing, I learned how to counter the leg cramp.  During pre-pregnancy, I automatically knew that my leg was cramping because I didn't take as much water during the day.  But during my pregnancy, I was drinking water like crazy!  So I got confused - I ended up drinking so much water that I wake up in the middle of the night wanting to pee!  This in turn interrupted my sleep cycle!  Turns out, this too was normal.  Sigh..

Numbing of the hands..
I got really scared one night, because I suddenly felt a tingling numbing sensation on both my hands.  You see, I have a habit sleeping with my hands above my head - then one night.. I suddenly felt the sensation.  I panicked awoke and started to wring my hands!  It took a while for the numbness to disappear, and when it did - I was already wide awake.  I couldn't go back to sleep!  I was so paranoid that the numbness will come back!  It took me a while to get back to sleep and when I did, I felt it again.  I searched online and found out that this was - NORMAL.  Sheesh!!

Okay - stretchmarks for me wasn't a problem, because pre-pregnancy, I already had them!  So in short, I wasn't afraid of them at all.  But then I noticed that for the past few weeks, I've been seeing little red marks on my tummy.  I thought that there were just itchy spots, and then I remembered the doctor telling me how lucky I am to have white stretchmarks instead of red and purple ones!!  It was only then that I realized that - I am developing NEW stretchmarks!  Grrr..  I've actually been super lazy to put on lotions and oils on my tummy - but now that I realized that the red dots were developing stretchmarks - I am now putting them every night!  A friend even suggested to put on oil/lotion as often as possible!  How do I do that, I hate the sticky feeling that lotions and oils leave on my skin.  Gaaaaaah!!  Sacrifices for vanity's sake...

Little bumps in the face and neck
My SIL (Sister In Law) had warned me that pregnant women are prone to warts.  I must say that pre-pregnancy - I've never had a wart, anywhere.  But as the pregnancy weeks progressed - I felt some little bumps on my face - I dismissed them as whiteheads.  My mom even noticed the bumps, telling me to go to the derma to have it checked.  Then one day, while taking a bath - I felt little bumps on my neck!  I panicked (again!) apparently, they were little warts.  My CIL (Cousin In Law) confirmed that those were little warts, she even warned me that these warts would multiply!  Yikes..  I plan to go to the derma, but I'm just too lazy to make an appointment!  Sigh..

Lowerback pains
Ever since I can remember, I had lower back pains.  This lower back pain is my symptom - when I'm about to have my period.  So this was a little normal for me too (like the stretchmarks) - but then, I started feeling sharp pains that tingle through my thighs - I remembered when I was doing Bikram Yoga that I was told that I might have Sciatica.  This I countered by stretching before and after each pose during my practice - and it help with the pain.  I gathered that I must be in need of a good stretch because after stretching - there would be no pain at all.  But now - even if I stretched my legs (and trying to do the stretching exercises Tristan taught me) nothing seems to help!  It seemed like I felt my back so sore to the point that I am afraid that I might pop and cause me to be bent over!  There were days when the pain is there, and some days when I don't feel any pain!  Again - reading articles made me realize that - this too was, NORMAL!

Change of wardrobe
For a person who HATES to go clothes shopping.  This is one of the unbearable things for me.  I get depressed when I see that I have no use of my pre-pregnant clothes!  My shorts don't fit, my favorite shirts become too tight and the dresses that I love wearing, well - I've outgrown them.  It was only two weeks ago, that I had the drive to go shopping.  My SIL was kind enough to go shopping with me.  And since I was such a lazy shopper with no sense of style - she was the one who picked out the clothes for me, all I had to do was stay in the fitting room and try on all of those she picked!  Mind you, my SIL has a good eye for fashion - she immediately knows what looks good on me! 

There are a lot more actually, but these are all that I can think of as of the moment..

By the way - while typing this entry, my baby was kicking like crazy!  What does that mean?  Hahaha!!


  1. it's nice to read the cons of pregnancy. i mean, pregnancy is beautiful and all but i'd also like to know what's not so nice about pregnancy. kumbaga, i get to see all sides para when it's my turn na, i know what to expect.

  2. Thanks for dropping by! Pregnancy is wonderful and miraculous, but its not nice all the time. There are joys and pains.. But I think the joys outweigh the pains naman..