Monday, August 16, 2010

I am 10 weeks and 4/7 days pregnant!!

What am I feeling?

Well - I've been feeling acidic, well - if that's what you call it!!  It seems like I want to burp, but I can't seem to burp!  And when I do burp - at the end of the burp, I feel the acidic saliva!!  Yuck!!

And then I have been having sudden headaches, sudden morning sickness (whilst talking to my mom, I suddenly felt the need to vomit!  I headed to the bathroom, but nothing came out, only acid-y saliva! Yuck, again!)

I have been lazy to cook dinner.  Thank goodness for my mom's trusty helper!  Thank you Josie!!

I've been constipated lately.  Having a hard time, even with the help of Papaya, which normally works wonders - no result.  I am honestly tempted to take a laxative, but right now - I'm trying cereals - Mini-wheats from Kellog's! Let's see if its effective!!

As for some good news, my OB says that I can eat salads!!  Yahoooo!! :)

I've been noticing though.. that my waist... getting more laman.......  I can't diet because its unhealthy!!

I weight myself just after dinner, and I gained 2 pounds since July 31, 2010.  Hopefully that's good!!

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