Sunday, March 18, 2012

Feeling the symptoms

While I am just a few weeks pregnant, I am beginning to feel the symptoms.

I am sleepy most of the time.  I feel so sluggish and I just want to lie down and watch endless TV.  I feel hungry YET I do not know what to eat.  When I do eat I have heartburn right after and feel like throwing up! 

My energy levels are really down.

Maybe because I still pump - I am lessening it though, as per my OB's advice.

They say being pregnant for the second time is more tiring - because there's a toddler involved.

What do you think?

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


In the recent month, we were hounded by the sudden death of Iggy Arroyo.  There was fight between his legal wife and is common-law wife.  Although  there were no offsprings from the common law relationship, I am very much bothered by the interview given by the daughter of his common law wife from an actor.

I don't know how to plainly put it but it really bothers me, because the gall of this daughter to talk on national TV about the rights and the wrong.

Let me put my cards on the table - when I was still single - the topics of mistresses and second families were of no importance to me.  I knew for a fact that this was a reality.  I even remember vividly a Youngblood article from PDI that I read so many years ago regarding a person who loathed mistresses, becoming one.  It was a sad reality - but one reality that I never thought would happen to anyone close to me.

I recently learned of a friend with a second family.  When I was told of this fact, I couldn't sleep.  I was really bothered.  I had so many questions but I didn't want to ask.  I wanted to know more but I knew that if I knew more - I'd be more bothered.  I was in a crisis.  I couldn't talk to just anyone because this was supposed to be a secret.  I wished that the news wasn't shared to me.  How I wish I didn't know.  But the reality is - now, I already know.

I couldn't justify the situation.  Let me tell you, I really tried to justify it it my head, but I couldn't.  My brain was telling me it was really wrong, but then I tried to justify - giving myself various of reasons to try to correct that wrong impression I had in my head.  But I just couldn't.

The topic is quite sensitive - because I have friends who are part of the second family.  I can't bring myself to ask them because - truthfully, what do they know?  They were born into it.

The situation I was told was this - to put it in terms that I could understand.  Think of the 'love' triangle as Princess Diana - Prince Charles - Camilla Parker-Bowles.  Princess Di is the legal wife and Camilla Parker-Bowles is the first love.  Its not a matter of siding with whom, but who has the right?  Even if you tell me that it was first love and that despite marrying Princess Di, Prince Charles still loved Camilla.  The fact remains that he still chose to marry Princess Diana. 

But then there's the question of LOVE.  Can you really love two people at the same time?  Remember the tagalog song 'Sana dalawa ang puso ko?'  I'm sure a person can but the question is SHOULD that person love two people at the same time? 

Grabe, I'm so freaking confused!  I mean since I have friends who were born of a second family, I don't want to hurt their feelings - pero ang gulo eh!  Gulong gulo ako to be honest.  It has been two freaking weeks since I learned of this fact and up until now - I AM STILL BOTHERED!  Ano ba Didi, hindi yan mabuti sa kalagayan mo ngayon! 

O yes, I forgot one tiny detail.  Amidst all of this bothered talk, I am I think very emotional on the topic because - I am, expecting another little one.

This is one good news I'd like to broadcast, but I think I'll wait until my next OB's appointment to announce.  Hehehe...

So for those who follow this neglected blog - nauna kayo sa balita!  Hahahaha...

Love, Didi