Monday, August 2, 2010

Back from HK trip..

Let me tell you, travelling while pregnant - NOT EASY!!

My usual energetic self - well, quite the opposite, as I was tired very easily.

I was always hungry and thirsty, so I had crackers and a bottled water in my bag!

I was extra careful where I walked since it was raining like crazy in Hong Kong.

The food I ate, I had to watch!  I couldn't just buy from just anywhere! 

Shopping?  Well - to be honest, I was quite depressed.  This is because I couldn't purchase anything that isn't for maternity because I knew that in a few weeks time, I might not be able to fit in them anymore.

Thus - I shopped for some maternity clothes.  Pants, Capris, Tops and a dress.

Now, I understand why pregnant women complain that they do not have a decent place to shop for nice clothes!  Thank goodness for H&M for they have a maternity line!!

Panget and I were deciding whether to go to the World Expo in Shang-Hai, I begged off the trip because I knew that I would have a hard time walking, and waiting in line..

Another thing?  I experienced spotting on my second to the last day!  Hong Kong's pharmacies were very strict on prescription drugs and so I just had to rest and be extra careful!  The next day, I felt my lower back hurt!  It felt and looked like the left portion of my lowerback was swollen!  And every time I walked - it felt like a vein on my lowerback was caught in something.  It was terrible!!

Good thing, we were already on our way home to Manila.

After a good night's sleep - lowerback pain was no more.  Thank goodness!

My Panget and I went to the doctor and good thing, everything was normal!! :) 

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  1. OMG Didi I can't believe I'm just finding out now that you're pregnant hahaha! A belated congratulations to you and your hubby! Take care and follow doctor's orders :)