Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Questions, questions, questions...

I'm filled with questions these days..

Here are some that I will be asking my OB tomorrow:

  1. What can and can't I eat?
  2. What can and can't I drink? (I hope she allows me one Serenitea per week!)
  3. Can my dog sleep with me in my room?
  4. Can i eat spicy food?  Use chili sauce?
  5. What physical activities can I do?  Can I go jogging?  Brisk walking?
  6. Can I have a body massage?  Foot massage?
  7. Can I still get pedicure cleaning?
  8. Is it safe to use Mineral Make-Up?  Moisturizer?  Sunblock?  
  9. Can I still bleach my upperlip?
  10. What hair products can or can't I use?
  11. What medicines can I take for the following:
  12. Headache?
    1. Colds?
    2. Cough?
    3. Indigestion?
    4. Fever?
    5. Constipation?
    6. Allergies?
    7. Nausea?
    8. Spotting?
  13. Can I still sleep lying on my back?
  14. When is my due date? (Yes, this if FORGOT to ask!!)
Any other questions I forgot??
Leave them on the comments section...

Here's a pic of the three home pregnancy test kits that I used!! :)

Thanks!! :)

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