Saturday, September 11, 2010


My Panget and I were supposed to go our OB this afternoon, but when I called for an appointment, the secretary said that the doctor wasn't in - but there's a reliever, IF I'm okay with that.

I asked my Panget and he said to wait when the doctor comes back - and that will be next week.

Okay - my Panget's cousin said that as early as thirteen (13) weeks, the same doctor was able to determine the gender of the baby.  Currently, I'm 14 weeks and 2/7 days.

My Panget and I were hoping to find out if we're having a girl or a boy.

Since the doctor wasn't in - our guessing game will last another week! Haha!!

So, what do you think?  Is it a girl or a boy?? :)


  1. Exciting! I'm not good at guessing baby's genders (though I got it both right for my own kids) so I'll venture a wild guess.


    May prize ba pag tama? Hahaha

    Enjoy your pregnancy!

    Joey aka ethanmama

  2. Yes, may prizes ang mga tama!! :)
    Keep the comments coming! Hahaha...