Sunday, October 31, 2010

Didi goes shopping..

YES! I finally went shopping for maternity clothes!

Thanks to my Sister-In-Law/Stylist! 

She picked all the clothes and all I had to do was fit them.  She was the one who told me what looked nice and what needed to be tossed!  Since I am such a lazy shopper - she helped me soooo much!!

In the end - I spent about Php6,500.00 and guess how many pieces of clothing I got?

Drum roll please.....

12 pieces!!

Such a bargain right?  A fabulous bargain, indeed!!

And all of these clothes were bought in SM Cubao - and on a freaking Sunday!!

It's such a pleasure to shop there!  The department store was recently renovated and the fitting rooms aren't crowded at all!!

I must say - You've TRULY got it all in SM!!:)

Thank you S-I-L!!!

Thank you SM! :)


  1. That's a lot for 6,500 pesos. I hope it'll last you until the end of your pregnancy.

  2. @Badet! Sana nga!! :) I am hoping it will last me forever!! Hahaha... My SIL said I can still use them in my next pregnancy BUT that will be in two years pa!! Hahaha...