Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Malikot, ha!!

Last night, for the first time the baby was moving like crazy.

I experienced the first movements while I was in Seoul, Korea last October.  And last night, it was then that I felt the MOST movement!  And guess what I was watching?  I was watching E!'s segment on Victoria's Secret models!  Hahaha...

It was when Panget said that he was considering names of the angels.  When he blurted it out, the movement was out of this world!  It seemed as if my tummy was rumbling all over!  I think the baby was excited.  Hahahaha!!

For some reason - I can't fathom.

I woke up last night because of my baby's kicking.  Had a hard time going back to sleep. 

But its okay - since I don't feel tired naman today..

Baby - wag masyado malikot!!


  1. Baby will keep you awake in the coming nights Didi. One time, nagising ako akala ko may kumakalabit sa akin. I was sleeping on my left side then, yun pala it's the baby moving inside me, hehe...