Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Swelling ankles & terrible back pains

I am experiencing swelling of my ankles, carpal tunnel syndrome and terrible back pains.

Everything is a big OUCH these days..

Every morning - I dread getting out of bed because I have a hard time clenching my fists!  I feel pain whenever I try to do so - and so ease the pain, I do it ever so slowly.  Now, when I raise myself to get out of bed - by lowerback feels sore, I also do this slowly, to ease the pain.  Then, when I step on the floor, I notice that my feet don't look normal at all!!  They're a bit swelling.

Sigh.... the cons of being pregnant.....

I've been raising my feet up for the past few days, and they've been effective.  Its just that whenever my work day ends - they're huge!!  Hahahaha....


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