Thursday, April 14, 2011

Surviving my FIRST YFH experience

What is YFH - loosely coined by mommies, its Yaya From Hell - YFH

A few days ago, I finally had the courage to let my yaya go already.  I was becoming very dissatisfied with her work already - the last straw came when my Kailee developed rashes in her butt area - whats worse was that, there were two spots that the skin peeled off!  That was when I decided that I've had enough.  You can read my Yaya stories here, here and here.

The last straw happened at 4 in the morning just this Tuesday - you see the night before, my Panget was checking in on Kailee before he went to sleep - I was doing the same, watching the baby monitor.  Suddenly Kailee cried, I heard my Panget call YFH to check on Kailee's nappies - so I was waiting to see a different set of hands remove Kailee's blanket - but a few seconds passed and I saw nothing.  I just heard noises that I assumed were from opening the bathroom door and YFH preparing the things needed to clean Kailee's but.  I immediately went into the room and saw that YFH was inside the bathroom, I asked YFH 'Na-check mo na ba yung diaper ni Kailee?' to which she answered 'OPO Ma'am'.  My Panget and I looked at each other dumbfounded!  My Panget said that YFH did NOT check the diapers and I also knew she didn't - so I asked the question again - to which she replied 'Opo ma'am kaning 10 pa po' and that was like 12 midnight already!  I was pissed!  Because the fact was she didn't check the diaper when she said she did!  It was as if she thought we didn't know or we didn't see her!  So during the 4am feeding, I told her that I wanted her to check the diapers FIRST before doing anything - and she said that she did!  I knew she didn't but I didn't bother telling her what I knew and saw - I insisted to her once again 'Basta, gusto ko silipin mo muna yung diaper bago ka magprepare ng mga panlinis'  to which she replied 'Eh ma'am, na-check ko naman po eh!'  When I asked her what time she said 10pm - the conversation went on and on, her - declaring that she checked the nappies.  I was so pissed that I told her that I saw her through the baby monitor that she did not check - it was then that she admitted that she did not check but she said this 'Nakita ko na pong lumobo ang diaper ni Kailee'  How the F will she see the lobo of diaper when there's a blanket over Kailee?!  This made me more angry because she was already trying to make palusot!  I was so mad at her that I told her 'Pano mangyayari yon kung ma kumot na nakatakit sa katawan ni Kailee?'  She didn't stop from there!  She insisted that she saw what she saw!  This made me so angry to the point that I told her 'Tanungin natin si Sir bukas kung may kumot o wala si Kailee'  When I said this she immediately looked at the clock and said 'Sige na ma'am, para matapos na'  My blood was boiling already!!  After nursing Kailee - I was soooo pissed at her that I got Kailee and had her sleep in my room!  I then told my Panget that morning that I've had enough of YFH.  He then gave me the go signal to have her changed - he heard the WHOLE conversation that yaya was making palusot - and FINALLY saw the light that I wasn't patient enough with YFH.

So that Tuesday - I went and woke Yaya up so she can do her personal chores.  And she took her sweet time - my patience was already thinning but I still kept quiet.  But that afternoon - I told her off that I was letting her go because I was becoming dissatisfied with her work, and that the rashes of Kailee were the last straw.  She took it well, I think she was happy too!  You see, she didn't want to work anymore and wanted to go home already.  I told her that what I didn't like most about her was that she was making so many palusot thinking that she can get away with them!  She will only admit after much proding which is not nice - I mean, pahahabain mo pa ba yung usapan or aamin ka nalang diba?

That didn't end there!  Apparently this YFH was going through our garbage!  She took with her ALL of the ice cream containers - deeming it hers, when I said 'Hindi ba amin yan?  Tinapon na namin yan sa basurahan?'  she said 'Kaya nga ma'am since nasa basura na, kinuha ko po!'  I was pissed!  Then I saw a bunch of diapers that I threw away because I wasn't sure if it was hygenic since it came from a diaper cake gift', she took them ALL!  I told her that those were intended for trash - if she wanted to take them she HAD to ask permission - because in all honesty, what she did can me deemed stealing or taking without permission!  But what can I do right?

So, when she left - I was soooooooo relieved!!!!  The feeling was sooo liberating!  It was like nabunutan ako ng tinik!!

I have a lot of friends chiding me with 'Welcome to the club of Yaya's from HELL!'

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