Monday, April 4, 2011

Time flies

Can you believe that in a few days - my little K will be a month old already?

It seems like yesterday that I gave birth to her!  I can still recall every single detail of my giving birth to her!  Wow - time does fly huh??!!

Now that she's almost a month old - I can see her moods now.  Lately, she's been wanting to sleep on my chest every after feeding - and it's not as easy as that!  When I notice that she's asleep, I'd lay her on the crib - but after a few seconds, she'll be awake and crying!  When I pick her up and lay her on my chest, she'll go back to sleep!  This has been happening for a week now.  It's really nice BUT sometimes, I can't get things done - like going to the bathroom (sorry, too much information) or when I get hungry!  But it's okay - whatever my little K wants or needs and as long as I can do it for her - let it be.  It seems like I'm her mattress now!  Hahahaha

It was just this evening that we noticed that she can already see us.  My Panget was wearing his red basketball jersey - and little K's eyes were following my Panget when he moved!  It was so cute because my Panget would literally move from one side to another just to prove that little K can indeed see!!  And she can see!!  YIPEEEEEEEE!!!!

For the past two days, I've noticed that little K seemed to be hungry more often.  When before, we had a sort of schedule of two to three hour intervals for feeding - now, it can be as short as an hour and the longest would be an hour and a half!  I am afraid that she might be eating too much because of the repeated spit-ups, but doctor says its normal - the feeding and the spit-ups.

I asked my baker sister in law to make a cake for my little K this Friday - so we can celebrate little K's one month birthday!!!

I can't believe that I'm already nearing the end of counting how many days old little K is - I should start counting how many months old she is.....

Happy First Month my little darling Kailee!!
We love you!!

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