Friday, March 25, 2011

Yaya Blues....

Remember the yaya that was 'meant to be'?

Well, when Kailee was still inside me - Yaya was very very helpful around the house.  I liked her because she's malinis magtrabaho, she's also not makwenta with the household chores - whatever she can do to help my all-around, she does without being asked to.  She cooks and cleans and does laundry.  I have no complaints about her - nada.  She seemed too perfect, a little too perfect honestly.

But when Kailee was born - I asked her to keep me company in the hospital.  She was very attentive although I noticed that she was having a hard time listening to instructions and also she was quite insistent on certain things like having Kailee wear a bigkis and Kailee drinking formula.  You see, I've told her a number of times that Kailee will be breastfed - she then told me 'Ma'am mas tataba ang baby kapag pinainom natin ng formula'  to which I replied, that we will be purely breastfeeding the baby.  When we were about to leave the hospital, my Pedia - Dr. Joy Ty-Sy came by to visit and Yaya again told us 'Mas tataba si baby kung ihahalo natin ng formula milk'  This prompted my Pedia to say to her 'Yaya, friends tayo ha! PURE breastfeeding tayo dapat!'  Diba?  Pati the Pedia napagsabihan pa siya tuloy!  Another similar incident was that of wearing a bigkis - I kept on telling her that it was advised by the midwife (Elena) that babies nowadays don't wear bigkis anymore because it causes infection of the belly buttons - BUT Yaya still insisted this to me, the nurse then told her that it was not practiced anymore because it causes infection.

This made me realize that Yaya seems to have a problem listening - and everyone knows how I HATE people with poor listening skills!  Listening for me is one important step to avoid miscommunication and misunderstanding, but apparently - this Yaya of mine has a problem with her listening skills.

The first few days were hard for the both of us - since of course, Kailee is already around.  Yaya has her methods, while I have mine (which I perceive to be correct) and of course, I want my methods to be followed - right?  Yaya once told me that she's experienced with newborns but somehow I wasn't as convinced of that - I knew she took care of her daughter BUT taking care of your daughter is different with taking care of another person's baby.  My Panget insisted that we hire a midwife to help us (me and my Panget) out and also the Yaya, to give her a re-fresher course of some sort.  Good thing was that Yaya did not take offense!  She even welcomed the additional information - although sometimes, she forgets tiny little things.

This morning, I woke up to loud voices in the other room - apparently, it was my mom's voice.  She was arguing with the yaya on the issue of Yaya using baby wash on Kailee's face.  My mom said maybe it was the cause of the rashes.  To cut the long story short, Yaya used water slightly soaped with baby wash and wiped it on Kailee's face during her afternoon punas punas - this was what my mom noticed - to which Yaya denied and denied - she insisted that she used Lactacyd (We use Lactacyd on Kailee during her morning bath and not her afternoon punas-punas).  Eventually after much prodding, Yaya admitted to using the water slightly soaped with baby wash - this angered my mom because had Yaya admitted to it early on, there would be no argument, right?  When I went to the room, my mom was re-telling the issue - to let me know what has happened then after a few seconds she started crying and said with a soft voice 'Ma'am kung ayaw niyo po ang trabaho ko, pwede niyo naman ako sabihan ng maayos, aalis naman po ako!'  This angered me!  My mom even walked out of the room out of anger - I mean, Yaya has this habit of reasoning with her wrongdoing to make it right, then in the end - she will admit her mistake!  I mean, why not admit to the mistake immediately instead of reasoning lengthily trying to right the wrong?  Then when you reprimand her, she will tell you that she can be replaced??  The midwife then told Yaya in a joking manner 'Kaya ka pala NPA (No Permanent Address) kasi lagi kang nanghahamon na aalis ka, sabi mo bukas ang isipan mo at tumatanggap ka ng mga pagkakamali?'  This statement somehow made Yaya feel good!  Which was weird! 

In the end - after much psyching up of the midwife, Yaya admitted to the wrong doing - but it was already too late!  Yaya has this late reaction to things you see, after much explaining - she will eventually realize her mistake.  The midwife also told Yaya not to take offense when being reprimanded because being reprimanded only helps you to remember what you should and should not do - and EVERYONE gets reprimanded - there's no exception to that.

Midwife then told me to try and look for a back-up yaya just in case this one will challenge me to another 'Magpapa-alam' incident, kasi kawawa daw si Kailee - which is true.

Thus, I am on a search again.  Even if Yaya is still with me, she gave me the impression that she comes and goes because she told me 'Mag-se-stay ako hangga't makakaya ko, pag di ko na kaya - magpapaalam po ako'  So with that statement, I have to be warned.

What do you think??

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  1. I so can relate with yaya issues. It's so hard to find the perfect yaya nowadays, or more like "yaya that stays". I already had 3 yayas for the past 3 months, imagine that. Yaya 1, nagpaalam because her son is sick. Yaya 2 is a stay out yaya that's why I bid goodbye to her after hiring Yaya 3.