Monday, April 11, 2011

Yaya is testing my Patience

Lord, please bless me with MORE patience!!

Patience is indeed a virtue and as of the moment, it is being tested in me right now.

I've written about Yaya Jenny previously but I think I forgot to mention that she had a change of heart, she had decided to stay.  I don't know if I was happy or was saddened by that news because here are my pros and cons:

-  Yaya can 'hele' Kailee to sleep
-  Yaya wakes up at night when Kailee fusses (and doesn't complain about it!)
-  Yaya cleans the room, launders and irons ALL of Kailee's clothes and other items
-  Yaya is patient with Kailee when she cries and fusses
-  Yaya can handle Kailee's loud cries and kicks
-  Yaya is neat with Kailee's things
-  Yaya smiles a lot and sports a happy face
-  Yaya likes to dress Kailee up and talks to her too

-  Yaya can't seem to follow verbal instructions given to her (she will tell you that she understands the instructions but when you have her repeat them, she smiles and makes an effort to try and let you feel that she understands what you needed her to do to the point that she will make things up)
-  Yaya has zombie moments
-  Yaya is slow in doing her personal chores (eating, taking a bath, etc..) and tasks given to her
-  Yaya is nosy at times (she likes to be in the know)
-  Yaya likes to join in on conversations of others (like guests who come and visit Kailee)
-  Yaya likes to brag about her past employers and what she does
-  Yaya likes to make palusot - thinking that she can 'lusot' but is always na bibisto!
-  Yaya's favorite line is 'Alam ko na yan, ginagawa/ginagamit ko yan sa mga dati kong alaga' or 'Ganyan ang ginagawa ko sa anak ko'
-  Yaya likes to share stories of her personal life to people who are not interested
-  Yaya doesn't like it that you confront her nor does she like being told what wrong thing she did
-  Yaya will just say OPO MA'AM just for the sake of saying it without really understanding the instructions

As of the moment, the Lord is I think testing my patience, why?  Here's why:

Ever since Kailee was born - the midwife we hired, Elena taught us to use petroleum jelly as a preventive measure to diaper rash.  She taught us to coat the folds and the butt area of Kailee before putting on diapers.  This procedure comes after the drying process (after wiping off of poop/pee) and Elena taught us to use cotton buds to spread it evenly and lightly.  I remember distinctly Elena telling Yaya Jenny to take care of Kailee's but because Elena was the one who took care of Kailee's butt for the first two weeks of Kailee's life. 

Fast forward to two weeks later, Yaya comes up to me and tells me 'Parang may rashes si Kailee'  I then took a look and saw redness, I just told Yaya to place petroleum jelly more generously to that area.  And she did - but after one day, the redness seemed to turn into small rashes - this prompted me to text my pedia Dr. Joy Ty-Sy to ask what can be placed on Kailee's redness - she told me to get Desitin.  Good thing my good friend Kath, bought a big jar of it while in Canada, and she gladly shared some with me.  This was a week ago, we continued to put Desitin and it seems to be working fine, the redness has somehow diminished and there were only two parts that needed more attention.

Fast forward to this morning:  After nursing Kailee this morning, she started to cry - I knew this cry of hers wasn't of hunger but of pain.  I immediately assumed that Kailee was getting irritated because of wet nappies - this made me check Kailee's diapers and true enough, her diaper was full of poop!  I then gave Yaya a call (she was downstairs laundering clothes of Kailee and then some) she said that she will be up in a few minutes - this prompted me to do everything myself.  I prepared all the things that I needed to change her - and when I did, what welcomed my eyes were redness everywhere!  The once redness in the butt area was already fleshy - apparently, a little skin peeled off!  I then realized that that was the reason for the constant crying!  I immediately told my Panget that we needed to go to the doctor to have her butt checked - and when we did, our Pedia winced and said that indeed, the rashes were causing Kailee pain.  She advised us to change diapers during the night because the cause of the rashes was prolonged exposure to wetness - meaning, the diapers weren't absorbent enough thus the contact of pee and poo was too long.  She also advised us not to use wet cotton balls nor wet wipes to clean the poop and pee, she told us to use running water or 'i-tabo' the water for cleaning - and to use Cetaphil.  When we left the clinic, I asked Yaya to repeat the instructions of the doctor - she looked at me and it took a while for her to verbalize the answer - her first answer was 'Gumamit ng basang cotton balls...'  When she said this, I immediately cut her off saying that that wasn't the instructions.  She then thought about it again and said 'Ah!  Gumamit ng Cetaphil!'  I replied with 'Ano pa' because that was only part of the instructions!  She was blank - I think Yaya has selective hearing - the only things she heard was 'Cetaphil' - I then reminded her 'Diba ang sabi gumamit ng running water at Cetaphil?  Ibig sabihin kelangan ipadaan ng tubig yung lilinisang area'  When my Panget heard this - he told me to repeat the instructions to the Yaya when we went home.  And when we got home - Kailee pooped, and so there - we had our first trial at the new instructions of the Pedia.  Yaya prepared the water in a wash basin and then she took the cotton balls and the baby wash!  When I saw this - I was very much bothered already, I asked her 'Ano ulit ang instructions ni doctora sa atin?  Paano lilinisin ang pwet ni Kailee?'  She then remembered there was no need for the cotton balls - I then gestured to the baby wash - she looked at me blankly and said 'Gagamitin ko po ito, panlinis''  I asked her again 'Ano ba ang sinabi ni doctora na gagamitin natin?  She thought of an answer then all of a sudden, her face brightened up and she exclaimed 'Cetaphil ang gamitin!'  I then pointed to her the baby wash - to which she told me 'Eh wala namang Cetaphil eh!'  I told her - that I have one.  I'm sure Yaya knew that I had one - I used Cetaphil to clean Kailee's face, its quite impossible for her to not see the big Cetaphil pump!  I assumed that she was making excuses again - because the Cetaphil method of cleaning slipped her mind.  And then I asked - 'Marunong ka ba gumamit ng Cetaphil?'  She replied yes - this made me ask her 'Sige, pano mo gagamitin ang Cetaphil?'  You know what her reply is to me?  She said 'Ginagamit ko na po yan sa mga dati kong alaga'  This line is soooooo gasgas already!  This has been her reply WHENEVER we have a new items that we'd like Kailee to use like the Desitin cream, and etc.  I then asked her again 'Paano mo gagamitin ang Cetaphil - Ikwento mo sa akin'  to which she said 'Ilalagay ko ang Cetaphil sa basang twalya at ipupunas kay Kailee'  WRONG!!  The reason why the Pedia advised us to use running water was to eliminate the friction caused by the cotton balls or towels rubbing on Kailee's rashes - contact by cotton and towels will only cause pain to Kailee!  I then repeated the instructions of the Pedia to her - and she said 'Oo nga, tama yan - para hindi masaktan si Kailee sa mga sugat niya'  WTF??!! Now you agree with me, when just a few seconds ago - iba ang gagawin mo!!  I was really irritated and bothered kaya after Yaya cleaned Kailee up with me na nagbubuhos ng water via tabo - I stayed with Kailee and I didn't want to leave her.

My patience is really really thinning - HELP ME LORD!!

Konti nalang talaga, I'm on the verge of letting her go na!! 
Ewan ko ba kung mashado lang ako maselan, kung ako ba ang maarte or what eh, pero every little thing - I see!!! Grr.....


  1. ang hirap talaga makahanap ng magaling na yaya. i guess that's why ganun sila kasi hirap makapick-up.

    anyway, siguro bantayan mo na lang muna kung talagang ginagawa niya ng maayos yung paglinis. i would also suggest na for a few minutes, don't put nappies muna, it helps with the rashes. everytime na may rashes si scott, i do that.

  2. The problem with your yaya, masyado syang masalita. With all the Pros you listed above, she can pass up as a perfect yaya, kaya lang when it comes with "communication" yun yung mahirap, dapat paulit ulit anf guidance pa rin palagi.

    I'm still looking for other yaya options, pinagtyatyagaan ko rin muna yung present yaya ni baby kasi mahirap humanap ng kapalit and I'm working din. =(

  3. nastress ako while reading this Di.... medyo mahina memory ni Yaya ah *hugS* hang in there..