Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Meant to be..

I am one of those who believe that things happen for a reason, and when its meant to be - it is meant to be.  You all know that I have been looking for a newborn yaya since November 2010.  I was told that it was never too early to look for one.  And in the months that I have searched - I have been frustrated, let down and stressed - to the point that I just wanted to give up!

Looking for a newborn yaya is hard, especially if you're a first time mom like me.

Two Saturdays ago, my Panget and I went to see my OB - Dra. Pilar at her West Avenue clinic.  On the same building, my friend Sandra - who was our interior designer holds office.  I know for a fact that they do not have office on Saturdays, but I guess that particular Saturday - they were cleaning up!  My Panget hand delivered an invitation to their office and found out that Sandra was there.  I wanted to say 'Hi' but I was waiting at the elevator - I just waved at her.

After our doctor's appointment, we passed by Sandra's office to say 'bye'.  We were exchanging hellos and talking about how things were with our lives.  You see, Sandra is a classmate, a seatmate to be more clearly.  She sat behind me in class - she was the most meticulous notes taker that I have ever known.  She takes down notes like a professional - that means, she writes EVERYTHING down - I mean literally everything.  When you read her notes in class - it will seem like you're taken back to the class - it was complete, everything the teacher discussed - every word uttered was written down.  Aside from this, Sandra is a great artist - she drew very well and I remember telling her that I will hire her to do my house.  And my Panget and I did.  The funny thing was - my in laws bought our present house from Sandra's husband's family - and it just so happens that I wanted Sandra to do the interiors for us.  And mind you - she did a WONDERFUL job, and I am eternally thankful to her for that.

So, we were chatting along and Sandra asked how I was, I told her I was okay but I was having problems looking for a yaya.  I told her that if she knew anyone - to let me know.  She immediately said that she knew someone - her former yaya, the yaya of her daughter.  I remember that yaya - through Sandra's stories while we were renovating the house.  I remember Sandra was so stressed because her yaya told her that she was pregnant!  That meant, Sandra had to look for a replacement - I remember clearly that she was happy with the yaya, it was just unfortunate that the yaya got pregnant and had to leave and that was mid 2009.  So fast forward to 2011, her former yaya gave her a call - asking if she knew available work for her because she wanted to resume work already, her child was old enough to be cared for by her parents.  Sandra then told me that she'd give this yaya a call to tell her that I was looking for a yaya.  So imagine my happiness when she told me this!  I was really hoping that this might be the one.

The next day - my Panget was already telling me to text Sandra to remind her about the yaya.  I was too nahihiya to text her and waited until Monday morning to do so.  And by lunch time - Sandra gave me a call, telling me to call the number she will be forwarding - because her former yaya was already in the agency and was looking for work already.  So I called the number - I spoke to her and she seemed nice (as all of the yayas that I spoke to on the phone) then I told her that I wanted to interview her in person.  She then agreed - she asked where I can pick her up, I have landmarks for place but the only place she was familiar with was the house of Sandra.  And so I decided to pick her up there.  And hour or so later - she texts me that she was there, ready to be picked up.  So I asked my driver to pick her up.

When she arrived at the office, she looked happy.  My mom and I interviewed her and she seemed okay.  She even told me that Sandra told her to come work for me, so when my mom and I decided to hire her on the spot, her face lit up!  I asked her when she could start - apparently, she brought her things with her - so that meant, she could start right that minute!  And she did.

When we got home - I showed her the baby stuffs my Panget and I bought, she examined them and told me what was lacking which were mostly clothes.  She made me a list and told me what she needed.  It was also nice that she was willing to help out in household chores - she knew how to cook and so my helper (who I also just hired this month) would have extra time to do laundry.  It seemed surreal but I was happy and relaxed.  We knew her former employers and they highly recommended her.

So there - I owe a lot to Sandra and her family.  The house I am staying now was built by them, she was the one who decorated it and now - the yaya of my unborn child was recommended/came from them.  Concidental?  More of - meant to be for me.

Thank you Sands!!!


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