Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Help Helper!

Since I gave birth - my yaya has been concentrating on the baby.  We hired a midwife for two weeks to help the yaya out - some sort of a refresher course for her and also for me.  The midwife, Elena has been very helpful - she taught me and the yaya how to bathe Kailee, how to burp her and so many other things.  I wish I can hire her forever!  If I had the money - why not!  But it will be a very expensive yaya - who works for only 8 hours.  Hahaha!!

Anyhoo, since Yaya has been with Kailee most of the time - my all-around helper, Cathy - has been quite busy.  She has been doing all the cleaning, the cooking and the laundry.  Just last month, she was only servicing two people - me and my Panget, with the help of Yaya.  The tandem of Yaya and Cathy has been very effective - they seem to help one another out with chores around the house, but since we came home with Kailee - the work they both did before, she has been doing on her own. 

It only occurred to me that she was having a hard time when I noticed that I was running out of PJs to wear.  I spoke to her and asked why it was taking so long - she then told me that she had a lot on her hands, cleaning and cooking and doing the laundry - she didn't have enough time.  This made me decide to take out the laundry-ing out of the equation, I called my mom and asked if I can still have our laundry sent to them for Manang to wash - and of course she said yes (Thanks Ma!). 

Since I took one chore out of her hands, I gathered that she will have an easier time doing the cleaning and the cooking.  She told me that somehow, it helped because she didn't need to keep rushing to do her chores, I then reminded her that even if she had enough time now - she's not supposed to slack off.

So far, so good but she still needs a little work on her time management.

But its all good, thank you Lord!! :)

P.S. About 3 years ago, I wondered why my SIL had hired 2 helpers for her house (that is on top of her 2 Yayas), it was only now that I realized that one helper cannot do EVERYTHING especially when there's a baby around.  The Yayas become focused on the little ones since that's their main job - as for the all around, she becomes tasked to take care of the household - and her two hands and two feet can only take her so far and so additional help can make things better - makes tasks easier to do.

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