Monday, February 21, 2011

Baby stuffs are here!!!

The baby stuffs have finally arrived!

And everything is falling into place.

Found a yaya who's very helpful and nice.

Bought baby's clothes and things she'll be needing.

And I am scared as hell, because I can give birth anytime now.

Last night, I was reading through the instruction manual of my Medela Freestyle breast pump, and I was overwhelmed!  I mean it seems like a lot of work!  The assembly, the cleaning and the maintenance - my gosh - the process was long.  And since I'm a first time mom, I had to read the instructions twice, just to make sure that I understand what needs to be done.

I also opened two boxes of the Avent Starter set bottles - separated the 9oz. ones from the 4oz. ones.  Tried to fit the 4oz. bottles to the bottle warmer that my Panget bought.

Things are falling into place - and when this happens, it only means one thing - the time is near.

Am I ready?  I don't think I'll ever be.

Am I excited?  A bit, but I'm more afraid.

Things have already changed - and I know they will change more when Baby K arrives.

Time is ticking....

See you soon Baby K!!

But sana you wait for Auntie Kath and Auntie Fran to come home muna ha!! :)

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