Monday, February 14, 2011

36 weeks and counting..

Officially, I am 36 weeks and 4 days today.

Last Saturday - I went to the doctor to have my regular check-up.  Doctor did an IE and said that I still have at least 2 more weeks to go and that I may hit my EDD - March 11, 2011.

To be honest - I'd like to hit that date - because as of press time, I am STILL NOT ready for giving birth AND motherhood!  I feel like I still have a long way to go and that the past 35 weeks went by so fast!  I honestly took my 35 weeks for granted!  All I did was think about what I wanted to eat!  Hahahaha...

So anyways, after our doctor's appointment (I got my Admission Order from my doctor JUST IN CASE I go into labor early) my Panget and I decided to go to St. Luke's QC to check out the facilities and the rooms that will be available.  Honestly, I was dreading the hospital tour - because I knew that:
a)  We will have a hard time looking for parking
b)  The staff will be masungit
c)  The staff will be a little slow in understanding our needs
d)  The hospital will be too chaotic for us

We used the back route going to SLMC-QC, this for us was the fastest way to get there.  No more stoplights no more jeepneys that stop in the middle of the road.  The street leading the way inside SLMC-QC was not quite a straight line - it was zigzag-y and it was making me dizzy!  Finally we saw the newly built parking space (new for us because it was the first time we saw it!)  Then my Panget dropped me off at the lobby - I waited for him there and while waiting, I was asking the receptionist for numbers and details of pediatricians.  I think there are just too many doctors in SLMC-QC because the names I was mentioning - well, she had to check first if they're affiliated with the hopsital - and then pulled out a clearbook with the list of names and details of the doctor like the room number and the times and days they're in the hospital.

When my Panget got to the lobby - we immediately went up to the Delivery Room, the nurses there were smiley and very helpful.  I don't know if my name dropping (I told them that my doctor is Dr. Pilar Lagman-Dy) did that - because when I asked where the High Risk Pregnancy Unit was the nurse showed me the way with a big smile.  When we got to the HRPU - the nurse named Joy was also smiley and uttered 'Kayo pa yung patient ni Dra. Pilar?'  And then she showed us the room and told us the procedure - that once I go into labor - I should go directly to their unit and they will take care of the rest.  The HRPU room or should I call them cubicles (because they're tiny) were private as they're separated by walls and sliding doors - the rooms had their own bed and fetal monitors - a relative or husband may accompany the patient there.  Once the mommy is ready to give birth, the mom will be wheeled in to the delivery room and after giving birth, she will be wheeled to her room.  Joy asked me if I was going to room-in my baby - she said that there's a law that says that I should (I didn't know this) the baby won't be brought to the nursery anymore and instead will be sent to my room for me to take care - I panicked and told her, I didn't know anything about taking care of a baby - she then smiled and said that nurses will be available to assist me anytime the need arises.  I thought to myself - having a yaya on-hand will be advantageous because the yaya can help me already, she can stay up with the baby when I'm resting and vice versa.  (The stress of having to look for a yaya - gosh, I hate the feeling!!)  Joy told us the rate of the HRPU and my Panget immediately said that he wanted me to stay there - because it was private (he has some issues with sharing - hahaha) After that - we went to the nurse's station to ask to see the rooms that were available - the nurse will all smile directed us down to the admissions office.

At the admissions office, I asked the lady behind the counter for a hospital tour - she looked at me confused she then told me to look at the monitor - I of course said NO!  I called the previous week and was told that I could see the actual rooms.  My Panget and I waited for a few minutes and there - a lovely smiley attendant named Chris showed us the rooms.  We went up and down the building walked through a number of rooms - to my shock, the rooms that were shown us, we were - looked like pigeon holes!  They were so tiny!  The bigger ones, the ones we found to be of the right size (for me, my Panget and our baby's bassinet) costs an arm and a leg!  Gosh, it seemed like the cheaper rooms were made for very slim and thin people!  The rooms were ALL equipped with a desktop computer - this made us laugh - because the computer looked so old and out dated, even Chris was laughing at it!  We liked the spaciousness of the executive suites - but the cut of the room was quite odd.  This type of room - Chris said, they had a LOT of - while the Large Privated rooms and Premier rooms, well - only two of each room exists!  Hilarious and odd at the same time right?

The tour gave us an idea on what to expect somehow.  At least now, I won't get lost or be confused on where to go.  I am the type kasi who wants to know ahead of time the things that will be happening, so I can map out a plan and prepare myself.  That is why I like reading spoilers and hearing the ending of movies even before watching them.  Hahahaha!!  I'm strange like that!!

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