Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Almost 31 weeks..

I am nearing my due date..

Honestly, I am more scared than excited.  Why?  Because I fear pain, blood and the unknown.  I am weird like that.  Some get excited, I get scared!  Hahaha... 

Reading my kinakapatid's blog about her babies, made me a little excited.  There are ups and downs of course, but seems like every experience is priceless!

Right now, my feet are propped up - my feet are fat.. and my feet are not normally fat!  They're actually narrow and thin.  Sigh.. A lot of people say - konting tiis nalang daw, I wish!!

My underarms are super dark na.. It's quite embarrassing to stretch my arms upwards - but I don't care anymore!  Hahaha... Yes, I am that 'makapal'.  Hahahaha!! :)

Dear baby - please don't make it hard for me ha... or else you'll be the only one!!  Ayokong ma-trauma!! Hahahaha....

BTW - I've gained around 25lbs already, and I have 2 more months to go!!  My OB has told me to slow down on my holiday eating.  Hahaha!!  I wonder how much weight I've gained this week.  Wish me luck!! Hahaha...

Happy New Year!!! :)

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